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 ABOUT US The School of Management & Research (TSMR) is an Online Distance Learning Higher Education Institution with unique university partnership approach. We benefit from the beautiful and diverse surroundings offered by our partners making TSMR a safe institution to study. Located in Cardiff, UK, we embody the spirit and philosophy of Wales to explore the wider world and we continue to do so as we explore new horizons. We place our students at the heart of our institution, engaging them fully as partners in their academic learning and personal development. We are proud of the strong economic, social and cultural contributions that such collaboration affords TSMR locally, nationally and internationally. Our talented staff excel in their own areas of scholarly or professional work and really care about what they do and how they do it. Our academic strengths reflect robust interdisciplinary research. TSMR courses consist of flexible modules and project work. Since teaching is asynchronous all lectures are placed on its virtual learning environment (VLE) starting from Sunday to Saturday throughout the term. Research students are exempt from this unless a need arises. TSMR believes that all learning should be relevant in the real world; so, throughout the course learners will develop ‘soft skills such as communication, self-awareness and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing demands. We use research reports (dissertation) and business projects to create the situation students are likely to face at the sharp edge of business. An essential innovation of TSMR is Practice or Career-led learning where professionals with substantial experience are encouraged to translate their experience into academic degrees. We hope that you enjoy your study with TSMR. We look forward to the opportunity to share with you our commitment to developing your capacity.



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