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NEW ROUTE FOR ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION New route to earn postgraduate certificate - Postgraduate Diploma, Masters and PhD. This is called the practice or career-led. To qualify, you must have (a) capacity to write (b) you must have the desire to meet your target (c) you must have between 3 to 10 years working experience depending on the type of degree you are pursuing. For instance if you have 3years job experience you may not qualify for a PhD programme. You must be sure on your area of expertise and the knowledge you will be bringing on board. REGISTRATION OPEN FOR MAY INTAKE 2021 Applications for postgraduate has began. We are inviting interested candidates to apply now. Download your friendly application form from the top right front corner page of this website, fill and send it to registry@tsmr.org.uk. Don't delay. You do not need to worry; you will get your response in less than 5 days. There are no examinations in most courses; ONLY assignment. Lower fees apply. FREE MASTER-CLASS In collaboration with our partners, we are reminding the general public about Prof. Gokah free Masters-Class every Saturday at 2 PM (GMT+1) on academic topics that promises to benefit students in their academic endeavour. Students and potential students from different countries are benefiting from these tutorial; why not you? Zoom ID: 623 689 5052; Pass code: 7ASaFG. Take advantage now before it is too late. UP-COMING ZOOM LECTURES 17th April 2021 - Best research approach 24th April 2021 - Systematic Review 1st May 2021 - Practice-led research: what is it, scope & challenges 8th May 2021 - Study Skills



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