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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. Will I earn a Certificate for doing the Executive Programme? ANS. The School of Management & Research awards a Certificate of Participation to participants who attend its non degree awarding programmes. Academic qualifications are awarded by partner institution. Notwithstanding, training programmes that are jointly held with academic institution and accredited as such will be awarded accordingly. 2. What can I expect in the Executive Programme? ANS: The training programme covers uniquely designed courses needed for Executive in contemporary business world. It enables Executives compete favourably, if not better, in the corporate world. 3. What will the setting for the training look like? ANS: We are particularly interested in promoting a learning environment that enhances productive learning. To ensure this, all our training takes place in luxury hotel settings. 4. Will there be opportunities to get around and explore places of interest? ANS: The flexible nature of our training offers opportunities for organised recreational programmes and tours. 5. Are there residential facilities for participants? ANS: The School of Management & Research ensure that students and participants in the Executive programmes enjoy the best services while they study with us. Students may organise their own accommodation or request the assistance of our staff to organise accommodation in a luxury hotel 6. Is there Airport pick-up? ANS: We do not provide this facility but we will ensure learners get sufficient information possible 7. Should I bring my Laptop? ANS: It is advisable to bring your laptop and any other equipment you might need for your programme. 8. Do you provide special diet? ANS: Students who have dietary requirements will be required to let the management know in good time about their needs, preferably before the programme starts. 9. Am I allowed to practice my religion? ANS: All participants are allowed to practice their faith. We expect that participants will exercise the best decorum in in other not to offend others with alternative faith. 10. Do I need to carry any form of ID? ANS: Not necessary but for your own safety and security, it is important to carry on your person, some form of identification against any eventuality. Cardiff is generally free and welcoming but like in any country the onus is on students or visitors to reciprocate the courtesy offered them. 11. Is the School of Management & Research accredited? ANS. TSMR is incorporated in England and Wales. It is also recognised as provider of higher education under registration number UKPRN10056266.



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