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We create learning solutions to benefit students, learners in organisations and businesses. Our  training programme enables students and learners to make immediate impact and to create a competitive edge . This philosophy is derived from TSMR's acknowledgment that both students and leaders  face constant challenges, which demand new levels of innovation and strategies.  TSMR responds to these challenges through its knowledge and experience of local, regional and global markets and economy.


Prof. Gokah's Masters programme is crafted with these dynamics in mind and tailored to people who can translate and change their context to fit their needs. So, whether you are an individual, professional, consultant or an Executive seeking new ways to make an impact in your sphere, we are well positioned to serve you.


Managing your supervisor


This lesson is about how students at postgraduate level survive their studies. This is a complex terrain to navigate. The ability or inability to survive those unspoken or undefined boundaries determines how a student survives in his/her "ordeal" in doing a PhD programme. Watch



Managing your Research


Whether you are a naive or experienced research, managing one's research can pose challenges. The challenges most times require careful thinking. This tutorial video is aimed at the naive research; it discusses some fundamental issues in managing one's research. It does not deal with all the issues but teases you to look out for things that spring up surprises or those that are likely to strengthen the process...Watch


Advanced Quantitative Analysis for Research.


This lesson offers introductory information to statistics, statistical methods, data variables, different kinds of data structures and other methods of analysis (Qualitative and Mixed methods), advanced statistical tests (univariate & multivariate tests) and a range of statistical models (fixed-effect regression models, mixed-effect regression models, functional data analysis and Machine learning algorithms). Notes and video can be found at:











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