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 Research Support These pages detail Learning support to TSMR’s research community. For specific advice, TSMR Research Office offers support on research management, including locating funding sources and applying for grants; professional development, getting published and careers in research. IPR and Copyright Knowledge of rights and responsibilities in relation to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and copyright are essential when both using items owned or produced by others (articles. images, patented ideas, etc.) and protecting your research outputs. What is Copyright? Copyright is an intellectual property right. It protects works produced in any media including an artistic expression or performance. A copyright work may be tangible or virtual and can include anything that is made or created by a person for a limited time. Copyright protection is automatic. Copying anything without permission breaches the owner’s copyright and is illegal. An author’s copyright can last for 70 years after the author’s death. Published editions of authors’ works have copyright for 25 years from the date of publication. Copyright on works made during a course of employment by an employee rest with the employer unless specifically agreed otherwise.



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